Performance & Wellbeing: For Managers
Food Preparation: Safe Approach
Handling Aggressive Behaviour in Public

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The harmonisation of work health and safety laws, regulations and codes of practice is designed to create consistent standards for workers across Australia. While many things will remain the same, there are some key changes that you need to be aware of.

Our customers rely on us to cut through the legalese and provide clear, digestible information on the key changes and how those changes affect their business. We will continue to roll out new products to help make your transition to the new system as smooth as possible.

Specialising in high quality dramatic impact video based training, Vocam has made a name for itself for delivering engaging learning that staff actually want to view rather than delivering a traditional "death by PowerPoint" text based online experience. Ideal for blended learning, Business Training-TV gives your organisation the building blocks to easily create engaging learning experiences for your staff to combine with any existing face to face training your organisation may already conduct.

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